“Working with Lisa helped me prioritize my professional life goals and served as the catalyst for me to re-enter the workforce after a one-year hiatus. Lisa provided a judgment-free safe space with guidance and grace. The Purpose Clarity program provided not only a step-by-step framework to plan my next chapter, but also important retrospection about who I am and what I want in this life. Lisa is encouraging, trustworthy and provides such positive energy that you want to succeed.”

~ Nancy M. Sacramento, CA

“After hitting a milestone birthday and finding that all the things promised from the coming decade were not coming easy to me, I committed myself to 4 months with Lisa to get my life balance in order and work on the art of saying no. Even now, several years later, I hear Lisa’s soothing voice in my head when I am asked to take on something new. The investment in life coaching is invaluable and I truly believe everyone should have a life coach in their corner to navigate an ever changing, fast paced world that does not always share my core values. I am forever grateful to Lisa for her help!”

~ Amy C. Santa Maria, CA

“I went through very tough period of time in my career and personal life a couple of years ago. I decided to hire a coach but wanted someone who could work with me both personally and professionally. Lisa was the perfect choice. She asked all the right questions to empower me to make some important decisions. She never suggested but simply allowed me to figure it out on my own. I am so grateful for the experience and have continued to work with Lisa when I need the support.

~Martha B. Santa Maria, CA

“Through The Coaching Process, As A Skilled An Intuitive Coach, Lisa R Murray Facilitated In Helping To Stretch My Thinking. I Felt Listened To, Encouraged, Celebrated And Never Judged. Her Gentle Coaching And Softly Probing Questions Helped Me To Examine Situations And Look At Some Things Differently. She Helped Me To Understand That Some Risks Are Not That Threatening If They Help Achieve A Desired Result. Having Done The “values” Exercise I Now Use Them As A Measure Of Where I Am, Where Do I Want To Be, And What Do I Need To Do To Be There – My True North.”

~Paula A. Colorado